About Vilant

We specialize in turnkey RFID information systems for manufacturing and logistics companies providing the entire RFID system in a package. Vilant has delivered installations to 1000 different sites in 33 countries.

What is RFID?

RFID system includes a reader and a tag. The tag identifies itself to the reader by sending a unique identification number through a radio link. The RFID reader can read or write data from or to RFID tags using radio signals.




Vilant implemented a turn-key RFID solution to automate the picking process of plastic pipes at the Pipelife Finland ’s Haparanda factory.

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2015/01/15 in category Blog posts,Vilant News


Migros – directional loading verification for high RFID tag quantities

Migros Ostschweiz decided to automate the loading verification process of its 120 door distribution center, serving more than 200 retail outlets in eastern Switzerland.

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2014/10/22 in category Blog posts,Vilant News

Sixt RFID key drawer

SIXT rolled out car rental RFID solution

SIXT rolled out a UHF RFID solution for speeding up the car rental process to 10 countries covering more than 150 000 rental cars per year.

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2014/08/28 in category Blog posts,Vilant News


SCA La Theil automates paper roll handling with Vilant RFID solution

The Vilant tracker

RFID in pulp and paper industry