About Vilant

We specialize in turnkey RFID information systems for manufacturing and logistics companies providing the entire RFID system in a package. Vilant has delivered installations to 1000 different sites in 33 countries.

What is RFID?

RFID system includes a reader and a tag. The tag identifies itself to the reader by sending a unique identification number through a radio link. The RFID reader can read or write data from or to RFID tags using radio signals.


SBB Cargo Provides Automated Alerts of Freight Car Movements Via RFID

The Swiss rail company is deploying a passive UHF system from Vilant to track the movements of thousands of freight cars as they arrive at and leave rail stations and shunting yards.

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2017/02/03 in category Blog posts,Vilant News

Intralogistics automation of tissue paper manufacturing with RFID – WEPA

WEPA is a German family owned manufacturer of hygiene papers founded in 1948. With a turnover of approximately 1 billion € and 19 paper machines in Europe it is one of the three leading hygiene paper product manufacturers in Europe.

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2016/09/16 in category Uncategorized

RFID based vendor-managed inventory (VMI) for paper cores – Sonoco Alcore Case

Sonoco Alcore delivers tube and core solutions and services to our customers in the paper, film, man-made fiber yarn, metal and construction industries. They deliver cores to paper manufacturers, where production processes run continuously day and night.

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Sales Engineer – Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Your role will be key to help Vilant Systems grow in Central Europe as you assist our sales team in their daily routines.

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2017/04/27 in category Careers,Vilant News

Team Assistant – Frankfurt am Main, Germany

You work as a part of our Central European sales and engineering teams, which are based in Frankfurt, Germany and Bern, Switzerland.

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Senior Software Engineer, C#. NET – HQ, Espoo, Finland

Are you a C# guru or a mobile .NET wizard? Do you typically end up to be the developer that others ask help from? If you answered yes to the questions please continue reading.

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2017/04/07 in category Careers,Vilant News


SCA La Theil automates paper roll handling with Vilant RFID solution

RFID in retail

RFID in pulp and paper industry