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We specialize in turnkey RFID information systems for manufacturing and logistics companies providing the entire RFID system in a package. Vilant has delivered installations to 1000 different sites in 33 countries.

What is RFID?

A RFID system includes a reader and a tag. The tag identifies itself to the reader by sending a unique identification number through a radio link. The RFID reader can read or write data from or to RFID tags using radio signals.


RFID; Vilant; Turck; Antti Virkkunen; Ville Kauppinen; Christian Wolf


Saksalainen perheomisteinen teollisuusautomaatiokonserni Turck on hankkinut osake-enemmistön suomalaisesta järjestelmäkumppanistaan Vilant Systems:istä. Vilant Systems on Turck-konsernin tytäryhtiö ja vaihtaa 2018 nimekseen Turck Vilant Systems.

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2017/10/19 in category Press Release,Vilant News

RFID; Vilant; Turck; Antti Virkkunen; Ville Kauppinen; Christian Wolf


Turck has acquired the majority of the shares of its current RFID turnkey solution partner Vilant Systems based in Espoo, Finland. The company is now part of the Turck Group. After completion of the transition process in January 2018, the new company name will be Turck Vilant Systems.

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SBB Cargo Provides Automated Alerts of Freight Car Movements Via RFID

The Swiss rail company is deploying a passive UHF system from Vilant to track the movements of thousands of freight cars as they arrive at and leave rail stations and shunting yards.

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2017/02/03 in category Blog posts,Vilant News


SCA La Theil automates paper roll handling with Vilant RFID solution

RFID in retail

RFID in pulp and paper industry


Vilant is now Turck Vilant Systems

The automation specialist Turck Group acquired the majority of Vilant Systems shares in 2017. This strategic move allows Vilant Systems to leverage Turck international sales organization for further international expansion, and merges the company to the Turck Group.

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