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Encore Comprehensive Service

Encore Ympäristöpalvelu Oy is the subsidiary of the largest paper recycling company in Finland, Paperinkeräys Oy. One of Encore’s five business divisions, Encore Comprehensive Service offers total management of customer companies’ waste and recycling needs, including also the collection tools – bought or rented.


The driving force of the Encore’s RFID solution was the need to track containers and collect reliable data on their locations. For example collecting data about waste amounts, waste quality and locations where waste has been generated makes the waste management process easier to optimize and thus enables customer to reduce their total waste amounts. As customers see what waste types each location generates and how much, they can better monitor and enhance the sorting of waste at different locations and thus are able to cut costs related to waste collection.

Solution Encore Garbage Truck

Vilant Systems provided Encore with a turn-key HF RFID based data collection system, which was built on Vilant RFID middleware platform. The system consists of handheld devices running Vilant Mobile Client software, which integrates seamlessly to Vilant Server that both collects the data and provides reporting. The containers are equipped with RFID tags which can be identified with handheld devices at different points of the process. The system provides accurate and detailed real time reports on the collected waste amounts, their qualities, emptying times and containers’ locations. This helps Encore Comprehensive Service optimize their waste management service and also offers their customers the opportunity to waste reduction.


  • Accurate and detailed reports
  • Enhanced asset management
  • Waste reduction opportunities for customer
  • Improved and cost-efficient service
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Ability to monitor garbage collection process in real-time