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HY / Metla Tree Identification


Metla, the Finnish Forest Research Institute, together with Helsinki University Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences conducted a research about the forest nature and environment. Their challenge was the identification and data collection of tens of thousands of trees, both dead and alive, in special test forest areas. The trees can have over 50 attributes making manual data entry and bookkeeping tedious.


Vilant Systems developed a UHF RFID based system with long read range handheld readers and Gen2 Confidex Pino tags. Project personnel tag the trees and enter all necessary info with the handheld’s graphical user interface into Vilant Client Mobile software. As the tags remain in trees, all subsequent data collections are done by simply reading the tag and updating the tree data. The trees can be automatically identified from 1 meter distance. The system saves considerable amount of effort in data handling and makes using paper and pen unnecessary.


  • Accurate and reliable data
  • Reduction of work in data handling
  • Easy identification of trees with single read with RFID handheld