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Martela designs and supplies interior solutions for working environments and public spaces. It is the largest company in its sector in Finland and one of the three largest in the Nordic countries. The company has production facilities in Finland, Sweden and Poland.  In 2009, Martela Group’s turnover was EUR 95,3 million and it employed an average of 636 employees.


It is normal that the office layout lives while employees do small changes and inventory records are out of date quickly. Martela wanted to improve their customer service by speeding up the office furniture inventory take and inventory accuracy at customer sites.


Vilant Systems provided Martela with a RFID system, that is based on RFID tags that are attached to furniture. Space is inventoried with handheld RFID readers that pick up tagged furniture efficiently also from longer distances. The RFID tags are attached to Martela furniture Martela furniturealready in production. Old furniture is tagged with RFID tags during the first inventory take.  With the new system a normal office room can be inventoried in 10 seconds. Due to the accurate and up to date inventory record, office moving and upgrade planning can be improved. The customer also receives accurate furniture inventory records for book keeping. Martela’s customers can focus on their core business by outsourcing office furniture maintenance and inventory take to Martela. Martela’s system is based on Vilant Server 5 –RFID software products. RFID tags are supplied by UPM Raflatac and RFID handhelds by NordicID.

Service and new business Manager Erkki Forsström of Martela is fond of the system: ”This system will revolutionize the furniture management and service industry. Our customers won’t believe their eyes when the see the speed of the inventory process.”

The office environment is a new application area for RFID, but similar asset tracking systems have been implemented for industrial applications. For example railway wagons, air freight containers and roller cages have been RFID tagged. RFID-technology is well suitable for the fast identification of large item quantities.


  • Enhanced inventory accuracy for book keeping
  • Reduced amount of human errors during inventory
  • Significantly faster inventory take process  – inventory in 10 seconds
  • Improved design and planning process of office upgrades or moving