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Road administration

Tiehallinto, the Finnish Road Administration, is responsible for Finlands highway network. The Finnish Road Administration also manages ferry traffic to populated islands on the coast, such as Hailuoto near Oulu.


The Finnish Road Administration was concerned about illegal use of the privileged vehicles lane during ferry embarkation, which has so far relied on manual inspection of permits. However, due to lack of resources, no permits have been checked during embarkation. The Finnish Road Administration wanted to test automatic identification of vehicles for the ferry route.


Vilant Systems developed a UHF RFID based system for the Finnish Road Administration, checking permits at both ends of the ferry connection Car going to ferry through RFID gate by automatically identifying the vehicles. Traffic lights at the privileged vehicles lane are now controlled by the readpoints. Gen2 tags were chosen for this system. Permit information is entered into the Vilant system from a web-based user interface when the permit is given out to an end user. Fully autonomous readpoints are connected to Vilant Server using a GPRS connection. Vilant Server offers real-time monitoring of the system and web reports of the events.


  • Automatic identification of vehicles using fully autonomous GPRS connected read points
  • Reduction of manual labor
  • Web based real-time monitoring and statistics of ferry embarkation