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STX Europe

STX Europe’s Finnish shipyards are situated in Helsinki, Rauma and Turku.  STX Europe is amongst world leading designers and builders of cruise vessels and ferries as well as other technically advanced vessels. Currently the world’s biggest cruise ships are built in the Turku shipyard.

Challenge RFID antennas identify personnel

There are around 5000 craftsmen working on a cruise ship simultaneously. Tens of contractors and subcontractors and their numerous employees form a mass that is hard to track, especially in the aspect of work and fire security.


Vilant Systems developed an RFID based tracking system based on helmet tags, that allow security personnel to monitor who is on board. The  real time system is built of RFID portals at the ship entrances. The portals are connected to a central monitoring system via WLAN. This allows the exact tracking of personnel in evacuation situations. It is also possible to monitor, for example, that welding personnel are not violating welding work hour regulations. Security officials carry UHF RFID handhelds with which they can at any time check a persons helmet badge tag for authorization to work on the shipyard. Happy worker


  • Fire and security officials are able to monitor the personnel quantity on board in real time, also in emergency situations
  • The system provides a tool for operational emergency situation control, as well as for continuous improvement of security due to the enabled tracking and monitoring