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Nokia is the world’s number one manufacturer of mobile devices and one of the leading suppliers of telecommunication networks.


Nokia’s challenge was to optimize the inbound material flow to its production facility which operates 24/7 with hourly deliveries from co-located suppliers. The amount of material is large and the timeframe for goods receipt is small, so a solution that would speed up material receiving, improve material traceability and lessen handling errors was sought after.


Vilant Systems developed the automatic receiving part of the new solution by implementing an UHF Gen2 RFID supply chain system and RFID gate at goods receiving doorintegrating that to Nokia’s SAP R/3 system.

The corresponding shipping system for a supplier was created to produce the EPC codes on UPM Raflatac UHF EPC Gen2 shipping labels. The supplier is now able to tag and ship materials and Nokia is able to automatically receive them to the production facility.

The system has been taken into use on five different Nokia sites around the world and it handles 150 000 goods receiving events every month.


  • Automated goods receiving
  • 80% work time savings
  • 60% error rate reduction
  • Material flow and traceability improved drastically
  • EPC standard compliant RFID SCM system
  • Fully SAP R/3 integrated solution