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NP Collection

Naisten Pukutehdas Oy is a Finnish fashion company with unique collections such as NP Collection, NP Casual and NP Pants. Naisten Pukutehdas has a long history in the field of fashion since the year 1919. The company’s headquarters are located in Finland. Currently, production occurs mostly in Estonia, with over 50% of sales being exports mainly to Nordic countries and Russia.

Challenge Garments identified with RFID antenna

As NP Collection was  in the process of opening its own chain of stores and expanding its global purchasing network, it needed a powerful supply chain administration tool. The goal was to equip each manufactured garment with an RFID tag at the factory, enabling movement and location tracking.


Vilant, together with a team of partners, developed an UHF RFID based logistics system that consists of:

  • RFID tag commissioning functions at garment manufacturing site
  • Shipment building at logistics centre in allowing tracking of individual garments
  • Automated shipment reception at distribution centres for hanging and packed garments
  • Automated garment sorting for RFID labeled hanging garments
  • Point-of-sales RFID solution
  • Handheld inventory scanning


  • Garments are automatically divided into country-specific shipments at the central European distribution centre.
  • Transport chain efficiency is increased
  • Goods reception happens instantaneously
  • Cashier work is quickened due to automatic identification of the garment
  • 30% less out-of-shelf
  • 75% less time spent on goods receiving
  • Less errors
  • Payback time 6 months