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Plandent expands its RFID system to all major customer dental supply storages around Finland, Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom



Plandent is a chain of modern full-service dental supply houses, providing services to all dental professionals. It offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality products including materials and instruments from the world’s leading manufacturers. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Plandent operates in 15 countries throughout Europe and has become one of the most important dental suppliers in Europe.

Vilant implemented the first RFID-based shelf replenishment system for Plandent’s customers dental supply storage in 2009. Today, the RFID system is in place at a large number of customer clinics all over Europe. It is based on RFID-tagged consumable boxes used in the supply rooms of dental practices.

The Challenge

The RFID system enables real-time replenishment orders based on material consumption at dental practices preventing manual mistakes as it reduces manual inventory and ordering work. Given the benefits of the system, Plandent wanted to further improve the service towards the customers making it easier for them to interact with the RFID system already in place.

The Solution

Vilant has helped Plandent to implement an automated 2-bin solution that optimizes the replenishment process while minimizing dental clinic staff involvement. With the help of RFID there is no need for manual counting or data entry and only limited involvement from clinical users. The nurses show emptied consumable boxes to the RFID reader with Vilant Client software that immediately sends a replenishment order for that material to Plandent.

The 2-bin RFID-based system controls inventory levels and helps prevent the use of expired products. It also incorporates a proven kanban inventory system. Vilant’s RFID software forwards the order information to Plandent’s ERP system. The software monitors the read points and takes care that no orders are lost or delayed.

Figure: The replenishment process


To improve the usability of the system, Vilant has recently implemented a lightweight reader with 10” touch screen interface that runs on Windows 8 and is connected to Plandent’s backend system via the mobile network. Using the new RFID reader, Plandent’s customers are able to check they order history on flight from the clinic as well as learn about offers and new product availability from Plandent. In addition, the RFID tablet can be used for manual inventory calculation when needed.


  • Fast and accurate replenishment rhythm – no over stocking & improved inventory cycle times
  • Less time spent to administrative work – more time for the essential clinical work
  • Prevention of material shortages thanks to order automation and elimination of order errors
  • Faster and more accurate order sending
  • Less and faster manual inventory times.