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Valtra Inbound

Valtra is the leading tractor manufacturer in the Nordic countries and the second most popular brand in Latin America. The company has manufactured tractors since 1951 and its tractors are built in the most advanced factories of the industry at Suolahti, Finland, and Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil. Valtra tractors are now sold in over 75 countries worldwide.


Valtra has automated the material supply process and material buffer management with RFID at its Suolahti tractor manufacturing plant. The RFID system implemented by Vilant Systems triggers replenishment orders to the suppliers based on material consumption. Goods’ receiving is automated with RFID equipped conveyors and RFID gates at the dock doors enabling real time maintenance of material stock levels.

Solution Identification of pallets on a conveyor

The cornerstone of Valtra’s system are the RFID enabled forklifts that read material pallets while transporting them from the material buffer to  the consumption area and trigger replenishment orders. The forklifts transfer pallets which have reusable RFID tags in them.

Goods receiving dock doors and inbound conveyors are equipped with RFID readers for automatic goods reception. Vilant’s RFID software controls the RFID readers and integrates the information to Valtra’s ERP  system. The Vilant Server 5 RFID software presents real time inventory information of the material buffer. For each material a target buffer amount is set and the buffered quantity can be followed. Also information on pending replenishment orders and inbound shipments is visible.


  • RFID antenna on a clamp truckIncreased visibility on material flow leading to improved material availability and less production disruptions caused by material shortage
  • Reduced amount of manual labor in inbound process
  • More accurate inventory information
  • Real time replenishment for material consumption