Intralogistics automation of tissue paper manufacturing with RFID – WEPA

Author Tamara Written 2016/09/16 in category Uncategorized

WEPA is a German family owned manufacturer of hygiene papers founded in 1948. With a turnover of approximately 1 billion € and 19 paper machines in Europe it is one of the three leading hygiene paper product manufacturers in Europe. Thanks to consistent expansion and investments amounting to millions of Euros, all WEPA locations are state-of-the-art and produce contemporary hygiene paper products for the most varied consumer requirements.

On its site in Mainz WEPA decided to automate the intralogistics process of mother reels with automated guided vehicles (AGV) from Elettric80 Spa, which are managing a floor warehouse. Mother reels produced by the paper machine are transported and stored into the warehouse by AGV. The converting process where mother reels are processed into to end products is as well supplied with mother reels by AGVs. Since there are no persons involved in the intralogistics process the reliable and automated identification of the mother reels is crucial. Reels must be identifiable reliably from any direction by the AGV system and the converting machines for logistics automation and production traceability.

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