RFID Case Study – Paperinkeräys Group

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Encore Information Security Service with RFID at Paperinkeräys Group

Paperinkeräys is a Finnish company that offers nation-wide, cost-effective recycling and environmental services, as well as, reliable service for destroying confidential information. It also provides operational services for producer responsibility of graphical papers. Paperinkeräys also sells products, which can be reused or used as raw material or energy. Paperinkeräys has a nation-wide network of drop-off centers, production units and business partners.



Encore Information Security Service is one of the core services offered by  Paperinkeräys. It handles confidential waste by fetching it from the customers’ sites and shredding it. The waste can include daily paper printouts, yearly archives, hard drives and other electronic recordings. It also includes customer specific data, such as, proto material, irrelevant products, product packing and even work clothes.

For destroying confident material, it is important to track the time a container was picked up, its weight, the kind of material it withholds and the time it was destroyed. This information is also very important for accurate billing process. For these purposes it is essential to tell the containers apart. To make this possible, Paperinkeräys wanted to automate the tracking of all 25000 containers in circulation.


In 2003, Vilant implemented an RFID system based on HF technology that was replaced by a more advanced UHF RFID system in 2014. The new system is faster, more automated and accurate, and has longer lifetime. It includes 25000 tagged containers, 70 UHF RFID handhelds, 7 UHF RFID reading stations, Vilant Client software and Vilant Visibility Manager

Vilant paperinkeräys digital example print

We tracked each container with Confidex Carrier Tough and Ironside slim UHF tags.  These are encapsulated tags with protection against impacts, but also covering the barcode or other visual information like QR-codes, making the printing tolerant against scratches or other wearing.

HHEach person working in container delivery has an own RFID card and a Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID handheld reader equipped with Vilant Client software. Merlin handhelds have high reading performance with the ability to write tags and can process either individual or a group of tags at a distance of up to 2 meters. Vilant Client is the main working application for the drivers.  They can upload route information and other working instructions and read container tags at customer sites. The customer approves all transactions through the handheld with own personal RFID card. When the containers arrive to shredding they are identified and weighed on a scale equipped with a fixed RFID reader, enabling the customer to receive accurate information on the type of waste shredded, how much and when.


With the help of Vilant Visibility Manager, all the events’ information is automatically forwarded from the handheld devices to the back end system. This work was done manually before. The use of RFID as a means of information gathering enables also versatile and fast reporting hence an extranet portal has been built for customer reporting purposes.


  • Accurate tracking of the containers’ weight, and handling times
  • Improved customer service through better security and automated extranet reporting
  • Less paper work through automated events’ information forwarding to the backend
  • Improved manageability through accurate statistics
  • Real-time accurate information about containers and their location