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Asset Tracking

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Automatically track location and movement of your assets with RFID

Companies use assets in their logistics processes. These can be pallets, roller cages, plastic boxes, railway wagons, air cargo containers, recycling bins and any other returnable transport items (RTI). Vilant’s RFID Asset Tracking solution is designed for tracking high volumes of RTIs.

By automating asset-related processes and business transactions with RFID, companies can increase the usage of assets by 30 % on average and reduce related labor costs by 35 %*. Vilant has a complete RFID asset tracking solution that includes hardware, software and the needed services to implement and maintain your system. All the assets are first equipped with appropriate RFID tags carefully selected from a wide range of available tags. The RFID asset tracking system is then put into place. This includes the installation of fixed readers or gates that track the movement of your assets and give real-time updates to the RFID tracking software.



  • Asset loss prevention with asset inventory and location in real-time
  • Efficient asset management and optimised asset availability with permanent inventory and ad-hoc reporting
  • Reduced effort and risk for errors in inbound process
  • Prevents sending damaged assets to customers
  • Automatic rent calculation based on actual usage – integrated to backend system
  • Long-life and maintenance-free Gen2 RFID system.


Asset Tracking Case Studies ‣‣


*2010 IDC Manufacturing Insights




Vilant is now Turck Vilant Systems