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Track products accurately throughout the lifecycle with RFID for pulp and paper solution

For pulp companies, Vilant provides a ready RFID solution that increases control of the pulp movements and its stock levels. By applying RFID tags to individual pulp units, pulp companies can ensure the correctness of the shipments to customers, track pulp throughout the supply chain and know exactly when it has arrived at the warehouse, when it is delivered at the mill and finally, the customers can track pulp as it is being consumed.

Paper finishing, previously a labor-intensive operation, is becoming increasingly automated. Today the finishing machine control systems already administer all operations and communicate with the mill’s other information systems. Vilant offers ready roll identification and monitoring solution with RFID – making it possible to raise production efficiency and improve utilisation rates.

Rail car tracking is an additional application with RFID. It combines pulp information with rail car information by utilising passive Gen2 RFID tags both on the pulp and the rail cars. This can increase the reliability of loading information at the mills and performance of the goods received process at the ports. It enables real time tracking of the location of trains between the mill and the port or terminal.


  • RFID-paper-rollCorrect stock data in real-time
  • Increased operational performance
  • Less loading errors
  • Less frequent inventory
  • Elimination of labor requirements at ports
  • Knowledge of exact units shipped
  • Prevent sending wrong units
  • Real-time data about consumption for the end customer
  • End customer is less tied in capital in VMI.

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