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Automate rail car tracking and shunting yard operations with RFID for Rail

With RFID for Rail, Vilant offers a complete, proven and robust solution based on Gen2 RFID. It answers the needs of both operators and infrastructure managers for achieving better productivity and improving rolling stock management, safety and service. Vilant provides all the needed hardware, software for combining and analyzing the data, as well as, specialized services.

INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGERS use Vilant’s RFID for Rail solution for tracking cars and their locations. The cars are tagged with Gen2 UHF RFID tags. Vilant Railway Reader Units are installed on several locations throughout the railway to enable the reading of RFID tags. Tracking and monitoring of all information is possible in real time through Vilant Server.

OPERATORS use Vilant’s RFIS for Rail solution to optimise shunting yard operations along with the asset tracking. RFID handhelds are used to compose trains and manage the rolling stock efficiently. RFID can be used to also automate tracking of maintenance operations such as train washing, de-icing and weighing.


Improved safety and serviceRFID-reader-train-tracking

  • Timely and accurate error detection
  • Fast repair and preventive maintenance.

Productivity gains

  • Accurate and automated tracking and tracing of cars – tested for speeds up to 250 Km/h
  • Efficient shunting operations
  • Efficient wagon and locomotive utilisation
  • Efficient use of labor
  • Efficient identification of faults and errors.

Improved rolling stock management

  • Accurate billing of third parties
  • Inventory control.


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