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Supply Chain

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Efficient inbound, outbound and production processes with RFID for supply chain management

INBOUND GOODS RECEIVING automation is one the most popular and successful applications for RFID in manufacturing, logistics and retail. Shipments are automatically registered as they enter the site eliminating manual typing of purchase order numbers or barcode scanning. Vilant can handle the integration of the RFID for supply chain system to your backend system: goods receipts are sent automatically to ERP. Vilant can also provide RFID capability for your suppliers easily and efficiently.

LEAN PRODUCTION is getting maximum flow with minimum hold-ups. With RFID you can automate material movements, replenishment orders, tracking of work in progress and vendor managed inventory processes. Equipping material containers or units with RFID tags enables automatic transactions as materials are automatically identified at different stages of the production process.

OUTBOUND SHIPPING with RFID helps to dramatically reduce shipment errors. Packing mistakes and shipping to wrong locations are expensive errors. With RFID for supply chain management you can automatically ensure your shipments’ content, verify they are loaded in the correct truck and that nothing is missing from the truck. Vilant sends automatic shipping transactions to your ERP, decreasing manual labor and enabling more efficient shipping process.


Overall Supply Chain

  • Improved material flowRFID-Gate
  • Real-time visibility and on time delivery control
  • Reduction of errors and enhanced timeliness of material movement
  • Reduction of out of stock situations
  • Improved labor efficiency
  • Hosted SAAS solution available (no ERP required)
  • Easy to deploy web user interface
  • EPCIS standard compliant interface available.

Inbound Receiving

  • Automated goods receiving
  • 80% work time savings
  • 60% error rate reduction.

Outbound Shipping

  • Reduction and timely catching of packing and loading errors
  • Automated and accurate sending of ASN’s
  • Added value for customers with automated inbound process.


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Vilant is now Turck Vilant Systems